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Looking for a replacement for Google Maps or Mapbox? Our mapping service gives you industry leading pricing, privacy and performance.

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Switch from Google Maps to ExpressMaps in minutes

Switching to ExpressMaps is easy - from signup to having our maps displayed on your website takes less than 10 minutes using industry standard integrations from Mapbox, Leaflet or OpenLayers.

  • Wide range of stunning map styles
  • Blazing fast, reliable, global map tile delivery CDN
  • The most generous free tier in the industry
  • No credit card needed to sign up
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Access our incredibly detailed reporting and analytics

Unlike other mapping service providers, we offer access to realtime usage analytics and reporting. Track, report and export key usage metrics across all your websites and services.

  • Drill down into usage by API key, URL and time period
  • Export to file or sync to Google Sheets
  • Set up automatic quota threshold alerts
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Drive everything via API

Automate the deployment, rotation and retirement of your API keys for your business or for your customers using our API.

  • List, Create, Enable, Disable and Delete keys by API call
  • Restrict key usage to specific referrers
  • Integrate with your service via REST based API
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Why Choose ExpressMaps?

Generous free quota and Plans

If you need more than our industry leading free quota, our subscription plans offer easy expansion with automatic monthly quota rollover.

Easy to understand metering

Unlike many other Open Street Map providers, we use the number of map loads, not the number of map tiles to calculate your API usage.

Built for Developers

We are the only map service provider to provide an API for key management. Everything that can be done in our web console can be automated via API.

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